March 29, 2016

How to setup Epson TMU 220 (LAN) in Raspberry Pi using Ubuntu Mate

this is step by step how to setup and install printer dot matrix Epson TMU 220 for use in raspberry pi (Ubuntu Mate)

1. from System choose Administration and click Printers

2.choose lpd/lpr host, insert ip address of printers in Host field.

3. select Generic driver

4. select Raw queue -> Generic Raw queue

5.give the name for this printer

6. test it using command prompt

April 19, 2015

python code capture image from webcam in raspbian

this is the python script i used to capture photo from webcam logitech c170 in raspberry pi

import time 
import datetime

from subprocess import call

now =
call(["fswebcam","-p","YUYV","-d","/dev/video0","-r","640x480","--no-banner","/home/pi/pictures/%s.jpg" % now])